Payroll Services

Payroll outsourcing is an important time saving administration process every company should consider and whether you are a small or larger organisation

we can tailor our payroll service to suit your individual requirements and provide balanced services.

Statutory Compliance on Payroll

All Statutory deductions such as PF and ESI shall be done by us, including generation of Challan for the payment of such statutory payments, submission of Cheques to the bank and handover of acknowledged challan to the client, if opted.

Outsourcing payroll is a smart idea for any business owner that doesn't have the time or expertise to perform complex tax calculations. Here are the benefits of outsourcing payroll:

  • Staffing concerns
  • Expert knowledge
  • Save time and money


  • Confidentiality of Information: Secrecy of salary information of all the employees can be maintained by outsourcing the entire process.
  • Latest up dates: We will update the company about any changes in the statutes / laws applicable to employees
  • Cost Effective Solution: We will address all salary related issues of employees; therefore the company need not invest on additional resources for payroll processing and other allied functions and also, the company need not invest on payroll package, its maintenance, backup data, etc.
  • Secured and Safe: The data of employees will be safeguarded and maintained in a highly secure manner.


  • Computation: of statutory payments such as Income Tax [TDS], Profession Tax [PT], Employee Provident Fund [EPF], Employee State Insurance[ESI]
  • Due Dates: Advice and regular alerts to enable the company to make statutory payments within the due dates
  • Filing: Of forms/returns such as E-TDS quarterly returns, EPF and ESI monthly returns, Profession Tax monthly returns
  • TDS Certificate: Issue of Form 16 to employees

Value Adds

  • Consultation Services: In the areas of Labour Laws such as ESI, EPF, Shops and Establishment Acts, Profession Tax, Income Tax , etc
  • Training: In the areas of Labour Laws, Finance and Accounts & Soft skills
  • Seminar and Workshop: In the areas of Investment and Tax Planning, Insurance and Mutual Funds
  • Advise and Support: In the areas of preparation of HR Manual, Rules and Regulations, Opinions, Salary Structure, maintenance of registers and records


  • Queries: Resolving of queries relating to salary
  • Pay slips: Delivery of pay slips to their individual email IDs
  • Anywhere Anytime login facility: Where the employees can view/print the pay slips for all the previous months, view the tax computation statement, and also print Form 16
  • Declaration and Proof Submission: Employees can submit the declaration form and investment proof online.
  • Investment and Tax Planning: Advise on best investment options and thereby reduce tax liability
  • Consultation: On other sources of income such as Capital Gains, House property, Equity & Mutual Fund Transactions and its tax implications
  • IT Returns: IT return filing of individual income tax returns of employees at nominal costs.
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