Management Consulting Services

Failing to keep up with changing rules is too great a risk to undertake? We help you minimize risks associated and professionally meet with all your management needs.

Accounting/ Outsourcing/ Book Keeping Services

• Book keeping and preparation of Final Accounts.
• Payroll Accounting and Payroll Processing
• Assistance in the Payment of Statutory Dues
• Online transfers for payment to parties and Bank Reconciliation
• Fixed Assets verification and completion of records.
• Inventory Management along with Verification of Inventory and Reconciliation of inventory with books and Generation of inventory reports • Selection, installation and training of accounting software.
• Preparation of Annual Financial Budgets.
• Preparation of Cash Flow / Fund Flow forecasts.
• To assist in the preparation of VAT returns, Service Tax Returns, PT Returns and E-TDS Returns, PF and ESI Returns.
• Software Managed Service, Maintenance of Accounts and related records on computers.
• Preparation of Management and Interim Accounts.
• Finalization of Accounts and assisting in preparation of financial statements and compliance with the relevant statutory requirement of various enterprises.
• Providing detailed Trading, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet, along with ratio analysis and the management report highlighting key business trends, providing regular MIS Reports on which you can base your business decisions.
• Budget V/s Actual Variance Analysis and Reporting

Our Approach:

• Quality assurance through double check and quality control through maker, checker and approver process.
• Use of software like Tally and Quick books for managing the accounts
• All accounts and related compliance services under single roof.
• Regular Update to clients about compliance requirements and due dates through automatic reminders.
• Value added services like MIS, Budgeting, Variance analysis, Inventory planning etc.

SEZ Services

Advisory and Regulatory Support

• Preparation of proposal documentation (preparation of application in Form A for SEZ developer etc.)
• Preparation of preliminary SEZ documentation for setting up units (application in form F, preparation of project report, business forecast etc.)
• Application for Import Export Code Number to the Directorate General of Foreign Trade.
• Obtaining the letter of permission /renewal of LOP
• Obtaining permissions for movement and transfer of capital goods within the units
• Obtaining permission for disposal of waste and scrap
• Application for approval of enhancement in production capacity
• Permission for change in location of unit/additional location
• Assistance in obtaining requisite certification for obtaining service tax exemption and refund (Form A1, A2, A3 and A4)
• Assistance in claiming exemption/refund for entry tax, sales tax and VAT on all purchases (excluding petroleum products) from DTA.
• Assistance in obtaining exemption on stamp duty and registration charges

Compliance Support

• Filing of returns (half yearly and annual) with SEZ/Central Excise and Service Tax /Commercial Tax Authorities • Structuring of contracts/transactions to optimize indirect tax incidence • Formulating indirect tax efficient business models • Conducting VAT impact assessment studies • Undertaking comprehensive reviews of business operations • Advice on classification, valuation, applicability of taxes on transactions and admissibility to tax benefits/exemptions • Identification of innovative tax planning opportunities • Single point contact and centralized coordination for tax payments, compilation of documents

Drafting appeals and submissions

• Appearances and arguments before adjudication and appellate authorities • Briefing Senior Counsel on need basis • Representation before relevant Government authorities

Financial Check-up of the Company

Financial Check-up is an organized approach to verifying all the pertinent facts finding the business operation. Our approach combines traditional financial examination of an entity's operating and cash flow performance and statement of financial position.


1 Statutory Compliance
2 Financial Report
3 Legal & Related Matters
4 Internal Control


Service Tax – Filing of Returns within due date, interest or penalty if any, notices received
KVAT - Filing of Returns within due date, interest or penalty if any, notices received
ROC – Filing of Annual Returns within due date, interest or penalty if any
Customs - Filing of Returns within due date, interest or penalty if any, notices received
Excise - Filing of Returns within due date, interest or penalty if any, notices received
TDS - Filing of Returns within due date, interest or penalty if any, notices received
IT - Filing of Returns within due date, interest or penalty if any, notices received
STPI - Filing of Returns within due date, interest or penalty if any, notices received
ESI/PF Act - Filing of Returns within due date
Night shift policy - Compliance with the rules
SEZ - Filing of Returns within due date, reply to notices received
Luxury Tax - Filling of Returns within due date.

Financial Reports

• Income statements, balance sheets, cash flows & notes to accounts
• Accounting policies are complied in preparing financial reports
• Books of accounts maintained – Statutory registers etc
• Loans & Borrowings – Terms, repayments & if any defaults
• Capital Structure – share holding pattern
• Comparison of previous year figures and projections
• Late payment of taxes, penalty paid reason for delay.

Legal & Related Matters

• Pending lawsuits against the company
• Pending lawsuits initiated by company
• Description of employee safety issue & liabilities
• List of material patents, copyrights, licenses & trademarks
• HR Policy

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